Cops hunt for suspects believed to be Rohingyas

GEORGE TOWN - Police have launched a manhunt for three suspected killers, believed to be Rohingyas, and the mastermind of an “execution squad” involved in the gruesome murders of Myanmar nationals in Penang this year.

The suspects, reportedly members of an execution group, are Mohd Yahyar Khan Mohd Rafie, 42, (UNHCR Card No. 354-43C05627), and two others identified only as Lokman who is in his 20s, and Ali Gemuk in his 30s.

Mohd Yahyar Khan’s last known address was 3B-01-07, Taman Tun Sardon, Hilir Pemancar in Gelugor.

Penang police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Abdul Rahim Hanafi said the three, who worked as labourers, are now in hiding.

“We believe that they are still on the island. We have also identified the mastermind of this execution squad,” he said yesterday.

He also said the police are tracking down another group of killers suspected to be responsible for the killings of Myanmar nationals on the island.

Twenty Myanmar nationals, including a woman, have been picked up over the past two weeks in an operation codenamed Ops Kelar.