Cosmetic products found with prohibited ingredients: HSA

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) on Monday warned the public against a series of cosmetic products that were found containing two undeclared potent ingredients - mercury and hydroquinone.

These ingredients are prohibited from use in cosmetic skincare products as they can cause unwanted skin pigmentation as well as organ failure from prolonged use.

The affected products are:

- SB Facial Fuel Toner Mezzo

- SB UV Pro Day Cream Mezzo

- SB Rejuvenating Night Cream Mezzo

Sold under the "Shantique Bellaza" name, they were distributed online and marketed as a skincare regimen that claimed to be safe for skin whitening.

Members of the public who have purchased or are using the products are advised to:

- Stop using the products and discard them;

- Seek medical attention immediately if they experience any adverse effects;

- Exercise caution when purchasing health products online and only buy health products from websites with an established retail presence in Singapore;

- visit to learn more about the dangers of buying illegal health products from dubious sources.

HSA also said that it is an offence for any person to import, sell and supply an illegal health product.

Anyone found guilty of an offence under the Health Products Act will face a fine of up to $100,000 and/or a jail term of up to three years.

Members of the public who have information on these products are encouraged to call HSA's Enforcement Branch at 6866 3485 or email: