Couple knocks on doors, claiming to provide town council 'sofa insurance'

SINGAPORE - Have you ever heard of a sofa insurance policy provided by town councils?

If you have not, don't worry - town council sofa insurance is not a real thing. Just ask residents of Compassvale Link, some of whom have been approached by a couple who told them about the bizarre policy.

A notice, which began circulating via Facebook on Tuesday (July 12) morning, alleges that some residents at Block 267B encountered the couple, who went from door to door telling residents that they were running checks related to "sofa insurance".

The author of the post warned that a couple, claiming to be working with the local town council, had asked for access to residents' homes so they could check their couches for bugs.

According to the post, the couple spoke in a Chinese accent, and asked residents to pay a fee to have their sofas examined. The author goes on to warn netizens against being scammed.

When contacted, a spokesperson from the Sengkang office of the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council confirmed that it was aware of the incidents, adding that it was not working with anyone in the sofa insurance business.

A notice will soon be put up to remind residents to keep vigilant and report such incidents to the town council and police, the spokesperson told AsiaOne.

It is unclear who authored the original post, or if anyone has fallen victim to the scam thus far.

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