Creating confidence in accreditation processes

The Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) comprises representatives from the private and public sectors, professional and conformity assessment bodies, industries and user groups.

It is responsible for decisions on accreditation matters, and establishes accreditation schemes and formulates policies.

It reviews and improves the accreditation framework and this ensures that its programmes are in line with global business demands and trends.

"The council members' diverse backgrounds and experiences contribute to the rigorous review of its various programmes on an ongoing basis as well as provide direction and guidance for the future," says Mr Renny Yeo, the council's chairman.

He adds: "On the international front, the SAC participates in international meetings, which adds value to industry as we exchange best practices, harmonise accreditation work and establish mutual recognition arrangements to facilitate the acceptance of goods and services across borders.

"These efforts have led to SAC's strong international branding, which is recognised around the world.

"With this, the industry can be assured that the SAC brand can be trusted and its accreditation programmes are kept relevant and in line with industry needs," he says.

"Ultimately, the SAC hopes to provide confidence to end users, that accreditation is done according to international standards."

This article was first published on August 6, 2014.
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