'Crippled' aunty asks for $10 at Admiralty MRT - then walks away normally after getting it

She is often found limping around Admiralty MRT station, asking strangers for 10 dollars at once. Some claim that she is cheating, as they spot her walking normally right after she receives the cash.

As reported by Lianhe Wanbao, netizen Miss Chia happened to be at Admiralty MRT station two days ago (Nov 16) and encountered the aunty.

According to Miss Chia, she was limping and looked like she was lost. She went around approaching strangers for spare change to get a drink, asking for 10 dollars each time.

When approached by the aunty, Miss Chia did not give it much thought and simply gave her two dollars. However, the aunty did not even thank her, and simply went on to approach other strangers for money.

She noticed that whenever strangers reject the aunty's request, she would tail them and even tug at their arms to plead with them.

That was when Miss Chia got suspicious of the aunty's actions.

In order to ascertain whether she was cheating others, she deliberately went forward and faked a police report, while following the aunty around.

The moment the aunty found out someone was following her, she stopped asking for money and headed into a fast food restaurant.

Said Miss Chia: "When she walked into the fast food restaurant, she could walk normally all of a sudden."

"She bought a drink, then proceeded to the bus stop and sat there."

Miss Chia decided to take a photo of the aunty and publish it online, to warn others from falling for her antics.

Reporters arrived at Admiralty MRT station at yesterday afternoon (Nov 18) to find out more.

The aunty was nowhere to be found, but some members of the public found her no stranger.

Mdm Leong, a 50-year-old resident said that she saw the aunty thrice last week, of which twice was at the food court in level two.

"The moment she approached me, she asked for 10 dollars. That shocked me a little."

"I asked her why does she have to go around asking for money and she told me she does not have a job, and is thus unable to afford her living expenses."

Mdm Leong did not notice if the aunty was crippled, but she felt that the aunty looks healthy and able-bodied. She did not give her any money in the end.

Other members of the public also claim to occasionally witness the aunty crying at a spot, and strangers would come forward to pass her tissues.

Ms Liew, a staff of a fast food restaurant said that the first time she saw the aunty was a week ago, when she asked a stranger for 10 dollars but he only gave her two dollars.

The second time she saw the aunty was when she sat at the outdoor section of the fast food restaurant with some others.

She mentioned that the aunty looked like she was pouring out her troubles in tears, and the people around her seemingly consoled her.

Ashikin, another member of the public who works in the area also claimed to have seen the aunty around since months ago.

According to her, the aunty even attempted to ask her for cash twice in a day.

She did notice that the aunty was walking in a limp, but she was not sure if she really needed help, so did not give her any money.

This article was first reported in Lianhe Wanbao and translated on Stomp.