Cross-dressing cashier fined for locking up hotel worker

KUALA LUMPUR - A cross-dressing cashier was fined RM1,200 (S$428) for locking up a man in a room.

K. Premraj, 20, pleaded guilty at a magistrate's court here yesterday to wrongfully confining 26-year-old hotel worker K. Jeyan Nath Nair on April 12 at 5.45pm.

Jeyan had been at a mamak stall when Premraj, dressed in women's clothing, approached him, sat at his table and spoke to him.

Premraj then asked Jeyan to follow him to a nearby location and brought him to a staircase.

Two other men then appeared and pointed knives at Jeyan, forcing him to go up the stairs. They took him to a room, where Premraj opened the door and forced Jeyan to go inside.

About two hours later, Jeyan managed to send an SMS to his brother and his father arrived at the location about 30 minutes later with policemen.

Wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, Premraj nodded when asked if he admitted to the facts of the case.

DPP Noor Jazilah Mohd Yushaa asked for an appropriate sentence, saying it was a serious offence that could have traumatised the victim.

Magistrate Ashraf Rezal Abdul Manan fined Premraj RM1,200, in default one month in jail.

"If not for your age, a jail sentence would have been more suitable, as your offence is very serious.

"This is your first offence, but please ensure that it is also your last offence," he said.