Cross-dressing man caught peeping at Sentosa beach club toilet

Cross-dressing man caught peeping at Sentosa beach club toilet

A yoga instructor was showering in a public toilet at Tanjong Beach on Sentosa when she noticed a phone camera next to her feet.

Startled by the discovery, her first thought was to get hold of the pervert, so much so that she did not even bother to get dressed.

Screaming, she stormed into the next cubicle.

What she saw gave her another shock - a man wearing a long-haired wig, pink straw hat, long-sleeved top and slippers.

Wihtout hesitation, the plucky 21-year-old woman tried to apprehend the alleged pervert.

Posting about her traumatic experience on Facebook on Sunday, she wrote: "I struggled in full wet body foam, managed to pin him down (thanks to yoga & gym, I was shocked I had the strength to fight him), but he managed to run out to the exit."

She added that she screamed for help, but some bystanders initially thought it was "some couple fight".

In an interview with The New Paper yesterday, she said that she was determined to make sure the culprit was nabbed.

"I knew I must stand up for my rights and to make sure that no other woman out there gets harassed," she said.

We are not naming her as she could be a victim of a sex crime.



Her screams attracted the attention of some passers-by, who eventually apprehended the man.

Mr William Leonard, 26, the general manager of Tanjong Beach Club, told TNP yesterday that he saw the alleged culprit sitting on the ground shirtless and surrounded by several men.

"He had sunglasses and there was a wig next to him. To be honest, he wouldn't have made a very convincing woman," Mr Leonard said.

"His disguise looked like something that was left over from Halloween."

After the yoga instructor put on her clothes, she was ready to confront the alleged pervert again.

She slapped, punched and questioned him for filming her while she was showering.

In her post, she said the man surrendered a phone with a cracked screen to the police, but she was convinced that he had managed to dispose of the phone that he used to film her while fleeing.

She told TNP: "I should have snatched his phone. Often when you are in this kind of situation, you don't react fast enough, you would feel vulnerable and preyed on."

Tanjong Beach Club staff called Sentosa security and the police, while a female employee comforted the victim, said Mr Leonard.

The police said they received a call requesting assistance at about 4.40pm on Sunday.

When they arrived, it was established that a case of insulting the modesty of a woman had occurred.

A 26-year-old man was arrested in relation to the case. Investigations are ongoing.

The yoga instructor had this piece of advice for women in similar situations: "If this happens to you, go straight to the police and don't let this slip."

She added: "Be strong, take on self-defence sports and always be on guard."

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This article was first published on Nov 17, 2015.
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