Crossover Project an important mission, says Serina Wee

Former City Harvest Church (CHC) finance manager Serina Wee was called to the stand yesterday in the ongoing trial of six people connected to the church.

Wee, represented by Senior Counsel Andre Maniam, is the last of the six accused to take the stand. She faces 10 charges of criminal breach of trust of monies from the church's building fund and falsifying of accounts.

During the morning session of the trial, Wee spoke about how she became a Christian and her impression of the Crossover Project, which aimed to spread the gospel through the music of pop singer Ho Yeow Sun. Ms Ho is the wife of church founder Kong Hee.

Wee said she became a Christian in 1995 when she was 18 years old, after attending a service at CHC. She later became an assistant accountant in the church in 1999 and finance manager in 2005, before she resigned in 2007.

She said that the crossover was an "important mission" of the church, and told the court that she attended a concert related to the project in Taiwan in 2003.

"(It was) an eye-opener for me because I could experience first-hand the impact of the crossover...As Sun sang the songs, it touched the heart of many attendees. Many people were in tears," she said. "At the end of the concert, when she shared her testimony, a lot of people came forward to receive Christ. So it impacted me a lot, being there personally."

Wee also said that her husband, Kenny Low, was Ms Ho's first dance instructor and travelled with her in her gospel outreach concerts as a dancer. Wee was involved as a back-up singer in two of Ms Ho's Christian albums produced by the church.

The prosecution contends that the church's building fund was used to finance Ms Ho's music career through sham bond investments.

Five others connected to CHC, including Kong, face various charges of misusing the church fund and covering up the misuse.

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