Crowd prevent man from escaping after he slaps baby

She was doing her regular grocery shopping on Thursday morning when she witnessed something shocking.

While pushing her market trolley along a stretch of shops at Serangoon Avenue 3, Madam Jariah Muhammad saw a man run up to a woman on a bench who was cradling her baby in her arms and slap the infant.

"The baby cried very loudly after that and his face looked red and swollen," said Madam Jariah, 65, a housewife.

"The mother looked to be still in shock and was very worried."

She said the man then sprinted off. The baby looked about three months old.

The incident happened at about 8.30am near Serangoon Market, at a playground facing a McDonald's outlet.

Madam Jariah told The New Paper that the man had got off a private bus parked opposite the market before running towards the mother and child, who were in the shade on a bench at the playground.

Several passers-by chased the man after he ran off, she added.

Madam Jariah said she saw the man dash across the road and go back into the bus. But passers-by stood round the vehicle to stop it from leaving until the police arrived.

Madam Jariah saw the mother rush her crying baby to a nearby clinic as soon as the culprit ran away.


Another witness, Madam Annie Ng, 63, described the man as "very big-sized" and said he attacked the child out of the blue. The suspect looked to be in his 20s and was wearing a black T-shirt and shorts.

Mr Edmund Lim, 56 , was on his way to work when he saw a crowd of about 30 people gathered around the bus. The warehouse manager said: "When the police came, he refused to come out.

"He just wanted to hide in the bus."

He said the man struggled when police officers boarded the bus and tried to get hold of him.

He added that the bus drove off, with the police officers still on board.

The police confirmed that they had responded to a call made by a member of the public at 8.51 am, informing them of an alleged case of assault.

A police spokesman said they did not arrest anyone, but that investigations were ongoing.

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