'Curry powder' fugitives rearrested 2 years after daring escape

KEPALA BATAS - The two curry powder fugitives who escaped police custody while being transported from the Penang prison to the Butterworth Court in Jan 2013 have been rearrested.

Hamzani Harun, 39 and Hisham Abdul, 41, were both caught at a village in Jitra, Kedah in a police operation between 11.30am on Wednesday and 3am Thursday.

North Seberang Perai OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Rahman Ibrahim said the Hamzani and Hissham had changed their names to Mat Blue and Sham Tok E respectively while seeking refuge at the village to avoid detection.

In Jan 7 two years ago, the duo were among the seven detainees who escaped police custody after blinding police personnel in a van with curry powder while being transported to the Butterworth Court.

Two of them were shot dead while three others were rearrested within six days of the incident.

A remand order will be obtained for Hamzani and Hissham at 2.30pm on Thursday.