Cyber attacks whether malicious or mischievous are threats: Dr Yaacob

Cyber attacks whether malicious or mischievous are threats: Dr Yaacob

Cyber attacks, regardless if the intent was malicious or mischievous, are threats against the people, said Minister for Communications and Information, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, in a Facebook post on Wednesday.


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See Dr Yaacob's full Facebook post below:

Singapore has been under “cyber attack” since early Nov. Going by the commentaries and reports and the many people I have talked to, it gives me great comfort to know that many Singaporeans have taken a stand against those who threatened our country’s computer systems and websites – your support is much appreciated. 

Many of our agencies, including IDA, have worked hard in the past weeks to strengthen the security of our computer systems and websites. In recent days, those responsible for the recent attacks have been arrested or are being investigated.

Any forms of cyber attacks or threats are actually threats on the people regardless if the intent was malicious or mischievous. These include curious netizens who claimed to have followed instructions found online – It is irresponsible and does not bring about any positive outcome.

Such acts are like someone coming into your home uninvited. They snoop around, leave their mark or steal your valuables. They damage your property, and violate your personal privacy.

At the minimum, hacking inconveniences the government and the public. But it can also damage computer systems, cause uncertainty and create havoc in society and at its worst, even endanger lives. We can see this from other news reports about the harmful impact that hacking has caused in other countries.

We should not condone such acts and I would like to urge Singaporeans to continue taking a stand against these threats.
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