Daily roundup: Quan Yi Fong to take break from social media for health reasons - and other top stories today

PHOTO: Photo: Instagram/Quan Yi Fong

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Quan Yi Fong to take break from social media for health reasons

Host Quan Yi Fong will be taking a break from social media for a minor health complaint, but did not disclose further details in her Instagram post on Thursday (Aug 4)... » READ MORE

2. Flickering lights, shaking bed: Former SIA stewardess shares her paranormal encounters in hotel rooms

TikTok/heyamber.tan, Grand Hyatt Taipei

If you're superstitious, you've probably heard of the custom of knocking on hotel room doors before entering to chase the ghosts away... » READ MORE

3. Stealing food from customers, destroying cutlery: Punggol shop owners wage war against macaques

A group of monkeys walking on the roof of shops at Punggol Settlement.
Shin Min Daily News

First, there were otters, then came the wild boars and now, monkeys... » READ MORE

4. This woman sells nasi lemak for $1 from her flat. Here's why

Azlinah Toming has promised to keep food prices low so that everyone can afford her food.
Screengrab/TikTok, Azlinah Toming

Amidst all the complaints these days about rising food prices and shrinking portions when eating out, this woman is selling nasi lemak from her four-room flat in Yishun for a mere $1... » READ MORE