Dangerous lion dance stunts not for all

I was at the Compass Point mall in Sengkang on Feb 2, where shoppers were treated to a rousing lion dance performance.

Two performers handling a lion were executing movements on more than 20 poles placed 3m above ground. Some of the poles were spaced about 2m to 3m apart.

The duo handling the lion required intense concentration, coordination and balance to leap from pole to pole.

One of the performers missed his step and landed hard on the ground. I could not tell how badly hurt he was but he seemed to be unconscious. The show had to be cancelled as a result.

Most of the troupe members appeared to be teenagers or in their early 20s, and did not look to be full-time performers.

Performing such acrobatic stunts is simply courting trouble.

Surely, it takes years of practice for one to be sure-footed and skilful enough to leap from pole to pole. The troupe leader and event organiser ought to know the risks involved.

It is time for rules to be put in place to limit such dangerous stunts to professionals, before serious accidents occur.

Tay Kian Tiong

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