Daughter hopes dad not a murder victim

KLANG - The daughter of car spare parts dealer Ng Chor Kee is hoping that he is not a victim of the Tapah murders.

Ng Hong San, 34, said her family members were fearing the worst after realising that her father might have visited the workshop to seek repayment of RM60,000 (S$19,624) in debts from the owner.

On Monday, the family was asked by the police to give blood samples for DNA tests.

Ng, who was reported missing on June 14 last year, had travelled frequently to Klang, Tapah and Cameron Highlands on business.

Hong San, who lives in Meru here, said the family retraced his steps and came to the workshop a week after her father went missing.

"I saw two cannibalised vehicles blocking the entrance when we arrived and there were many fierce dogs inside.

"Two men shouted at us from the house," she said, adding that she and her family quickly left.

Hong San also said her family was suspicious about the text message purportedly sent by her father to his employer, which was written in Bahasa Malaysia.

Ng's brother-in-law, Kapar MCA chief Datuk Song Kee Chai, claimed that the police did not treat the matter seriously.

Another alleged victim, Ng Ah Leng @ Mohan, was said to have lent the main suspect RM2,000.

This probably had led to his disappearance in 2012, said his elder brother Ng Chee Meng at Kurunadan.

"The man had obtained a tender for the stage bus between Tapah and Cameron Highlands and Ah Leng was working for him as a bus conductor.

"Ah Leng had struck the lottery and the suspect then borrowed RM2,000 from him.

"But he never repaid the debt despite constant reminders," he said at the crime scene.

Chee Meng, 47, claimed that the police had found Ah Leng's identity card, mobile phone and SIM card at the suspects' house.

Meanwhile, the brother of the main suspect described his sibling as garang (fierce) but he had never once thought that he could be capable of murder.

The brother, who only wanted to be identified as Anthony, said he had not spoken to the suspect for many years due to a family squabble.

"I always remember him as being very fierce and difficult when he was growing up," he said in an interview yesterday.

He added that none of his brother's children were properly schooled and they did not socialise.