Defiant staff of Sim Lim shop says after being reported: 'Let's see what Case can do'

SINGAPORE - A contributor to citizen journalism website Stomp said he was surprised to find that a vendor at Sim Lim Square did not appear to care that he had lodged a report with the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case), after a deal went sour.

The Stomp contributor, known only as SA, feels that tougher action needs to be taken against rogue vendors at the popular electronics mall.

He wrote:

"I had recently been a victim of the rampant ill practices in Sim Lim Square by one of the top offenders of the history sheet published by Case.

"When I approached Case I was startled by the fact that they are warrior without a sword or even a stick, which was later confirmed by the attitude of the audacious salesman/shop owner, when I handed over the report I made against them in Case, they sounded like "Hehe, let's see what Case can do."

"I would like to bring it to the notice of the community at large that something must be done to prevent the unsuspecting lambs being fleeced by such criminal minded folks who ignore the consumer protection laws entirely and repeatedly willfully does so without any fear of reprimand.

"I would also urge Case to engage law enforcers and get harshest punishments like sealing off the shop, or publishing frequent offenders with name, images, not allowing promoters of such shops to open the same kind of chop shop somewhere else with a new name, imposing heavy fines, publishing stories in the media often rather than just stopping after publishing just an advisory.

"Folks remember: Low crime doesn't mean no crime. Let's work together towards a better society."

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