Delivery rider works 16 hours a day for family, realises wife cheating on him, son not biologically his

PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

He was shocked when he found out his newborn son had a different blood type from him and his wife. But when told by a doctor that it could happen, he didn't think too much of it.

But the reality turned out to be much harsher — the 27-year-old man known as Lin recently found out that the baby, now 10 months old, isn't his biological child.

This food delivery rider in Singapore told Shin Min Daily News yesterday (July 30) that in March this year, he found that his 29-year-old wife often left home early and returned only late at night.

In May, he said that he also saw her hugging another man. The couple had been married for close to 10 years and have three children.

At a relative's suggestion, Lin did a paternity test in June for his youngest son. The truth sent him reeling.

During a fight, he said his wife admitted the boy isn't biologically his but her lover has "nothing to do" with it.

The betrayal cut especially deep; Lin told the Chinese daily that he works 16 long hours a day, from 10am to 2am, to support the family. He earns $6,000 to $7,000 a month and gives most of it, about $5,000, to his wife, keeping the remaining amount for food, petrol costs, cigarettes and the occasional lottery ticket.

He said that he has bought a property and employed a maid for the family. Last year, he said he paid about $80,000 for a second-hand seven-seater vehicle so that it's easier for his wife to send the children to school.

He added: "My wife works in accounts. She's in charge of the expenses at home as well as the housing and car loan repayments. I love and trust her a lot. I give her all my money and hardly have any savings."

Maid told him about affair

Lin told Shin Min he travelled overseas last month to handle some matters and received a message from his maid informing him that an unfamiliar man was spending the night at their home.

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She also took a photo of the man, adding she had informed his wife's mother. Lin later called his mother-in-law, who confirmed that she had met the other man but didn't have the heart to tell Lin about it.

Lin's wife said that she now wants a divorce and wants their marital home as well as custody of the three children.

But despite all that has happened, he hopes that she can return to him.

He said: "She complained to me before that I was always working and didn't spend time with her and that it was like not having a husband at all. But we have three children and a housing loan. I told her I want to give her and the kids a good life. I thought she would understand. However, things turned out like this."

When he asked her why she wants to leave, she reportedly told him they don't communicate anymore.

Lin added, despite finding out his youngest child isn't his biologically, he still loves his son a lot.

"In the last month, my wife didn't really take care of him. I would be the one cradling him, feeding him milk and soothing him in the middle of the night. That's why our bond is especially strong. If my wife insists on leaving, I'm willing to raise the three children."

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