Detention and demotion for NSF Sergeant who celebrated ORD by urinating on officer's bed

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Army has identified and disciplined the soldier who celebrated his ORD by urinating on his officer's bed, as well as the soldier who filmed the act.

The disciplinary action comes after a Stomp contributor came across the NSF Sergeant's video online, showing him peeing on his officer's bed.

According to an official statement on The Singapore Army's Facebook page, the NSF Sergeant was court martialled with a punishment of detention and demotion.

Here is the statement in full:

"On 7 September, a post titled "NSF Sergeant celebrates his ORD - by urinating on his officer's bed" was uploaded onto the website STOMP. The post showed a screen capture image of a soldier urinating on a bed in a SAF camp.

"The Singapore Army takes a serious view on the conduct and discipline of our soldiers. The soldier who has committed the act, and the soldier who had filmed the act have both been identified and disciplined under military law. The former was court martialled with a punishment of detention and demotion. While the latter was punished for aiding in the offence."

Many comments posted in response to the official statement supported the action taken against the two.

For example, Syed Sabbir Ahmed commented that, "One cannot show disrespect to their officers. This isn't a good act done by those two soldiers," while Lawrence Lim wrote, "Totally unacceptable, no reasons can be sufficient to justify such an act of disrespect. Shame."

Pang Zhiwei added, "Well-deserved punishment. There is no room for such irresponsible and childish acts.

In addition to multiple comments criticising the two soldiers was an interesting one written by John Chan Yi Wen:

"The SAF 8th core value: Do things but don't get caught. These 2 soldiers actually indirectly surrendered themselves.. Well done... "

Paolo Poey had this piece of advice to share: "Remember the 10 rules. Don't do anything that will make you regret 10 secs later, 10 hours later, 10 days later, 10 weeks later, 10 months later, 10 years later."

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