DHL scammer to man who pranks him: Do you still want to play?

DHL scammer to man who pranks him: Do you still want to play?

Have you been recently harrassed by scammers calling to request for you to remit money for a suspicious parcel? You're not alone.

Fed up with these scams, one netizen decided to prank one supposed scammer.

The man, who goes by the moniker Benedict Mrmarksman, posted on Facebook a recording of his phone conversation with the scammer on Wednesday (June 8).

Speaking in Mandarin, the recording starts off with an ongoing phone conversation between the scammer and Mrmarksman. The netizen then tells the scammer that he is "Willy Chen" and he is known as "Wei".

After a minute or so of clarifying his name, the scammer asks him to hold while he confirms Mrmarksman's telephone number.

The scammer comes back on the line and says that on May 25, the netizen posted a parcel containing clothes via courier service DHL. The scammer then asks Mrmarksman to verify this information.

At this point, Mrmarksman pretends that he can't hear the scammer and tells him to repeat himself.

The scammer does so but sounds impatient as the conversation goes along. Mrmarksman tells him that the information about the DHL parcel is correct.

The scammer said that the parcel was supposedly checked by the Shanghai authorities and found to contain dangerous articles, and asks Mrmarksman for an explanation.

The netizen denies this and says that he posted the parcel to Zhejiang, China. The scammer then asks for the recipient's address and name.


Mrmarksman replies that he sent the parcel to "Wei Jun Ru" but the scammer tells him that the information is incorrect.

Unexpectedly, after Mrmarksman appears confused, the scammer says: "Do you still want to play?"

Ending the conversation, Mrmarksman then tells him: "Oh you know. Goodbye then."

On Monday (June 6), Ms Cynthia Tay-Lek did not fall prey to a similar scam but also posted on Facebook an account of her phone conversation with the scammer.

Ms Tay-Lek played along with the scammer and said: "I'm sorry I can't (send money) now cos I'm halfway killing someone."

The conversation ended when the scammer could not get her to remit money to him.

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