Dirty toilets a big problem in off-campus hostels: Foreign students

Broken showers, thin mattresses, dirty toilets, pests and pictures that mislead expectations are some of the gripes of foreign students, reported RazorTV. The biggest problem, however, is the dirty toilets.

Students said that the toilets are not being cleaned often enough and most hostels only clean their toilets once a day or even less than that.

The students pay anywhere between $250 and $500 for a room shared between 4 people. The students who are here to pursue a degree in Singapore or learn the English language mostly come from China, India, Taiwan and Vietnam.

A student from India told RazorTV that his friends who are staying in hostels in India have better living conditions compared to the student living facilities in Singapore.

RazorTV visited three hostels at Novena, Joo Chiat and Queenstown.

One student told RazorTV that he often saw cockroaches and rats near the toilets and the rubbish collection area.

The student also pointed out that broken-down equipment like the air-conditioner was fixed slowly, while the basketball board was never repaired.

While another student said that his mattress was thin that he wakes up with body aches every day.

However, there are other students who claim that they are fine with their living conditions.

A pair of girls told RazorTV that their hostel rooms are clean and come with private toilets; others liked the environment and the sports facilities that are within the hostel grounds.

Off-campus hostels in Singapore were in the headlines last month, after a Taiwan media company highlighted the poor living conditions of foreign students who came to Singapore.