Diver dies in horrific accident near Marina South Pier

Marina South Pier.

A diver was killed yesterday near Marina South Pier when the propeller of a container ship was turned on and sucked him in.

Mr Kwok Khee Khoon, 37, was cleaning the bottom of the container ship with two colleagues when the accident happened, Shinmin Daily News reported.

The accident happened at about 6pm yesterday.

A typical container ship is about 180m to 330m long, and its propeller is usually about 10m in diameter, said Shinmin.

Mr Kwok's brother said that his family suspects that the diving company was negligent and is planning to sue the company, Shinmin reported.

The Straits Times reported that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), responding to queries yesterday, said Mr Kwok was underwater taking photographs of welding work done on a vessel "when he was sucked into a space in the hull of the vessel".