DJ accused of molest: Wife is 100 per cent behind me

He is grateful that his wife has remained strong in the face of adversity.

UFM 100.3 FM's musical director Ken Low said the alleged incident had happened two months before his wedding. Despite the toll the case took on them, they went ahead with the wedding.

Low and Malaysian DJ May Lau were married in Kuala Lumpur in September last year.

He told The New Paper: "My wife has supported me 100 per cent since the incident. I feel like a very lucky person.

"Meeting her is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to me. She's someone with a very big heart and I have to appreciate it.

"At our wedding, no one knew what had happened, so when we both cried... (they presumed we were touched). We cried because we both knew the hardship we were going through."

They have been trying for a child since their wedding.

Indeed, Low said, they had been trying even before the wedding, as "having kids is a good thing".

He is even competing with his friend, local singer Bevlyn Khoo, on whether she or his wife gets pregnant first.

Said Low: "I will tell Bevlyn, 'okay tonight is the night my wife gets pregnant'. She will retort and tell me she and her husband will beat us to it.

"Actually I would consider foster parenting and adoption as well, because we really want kids. The doctor told us that we have to do it four times a week to even have a chance of my wife getting pregnant."

That's tough for now as Lau is based in Malaysia and Low is with her only on weekends. The long-term plan is for them to live in the same country.

He said: "The road to happiness is filled with obstacles that we have to walk through together.

"Although our story seems interesting or different, we're just a normal couple. We still quarrel over money, tidiness and each other's habits."

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