Do you see my hand signal? Cyclist cuts across lanes and collides with taxi

The hand is all-powerful and all else will instantly react when it is shown.

That may be what one cyclist thought when he decided to swerve right across at least two lanes of heavy traffic by indicating to other motorists with his raised right hand.

But when he made a beeline for the extreme right lane, one taxi driver couldn't react in time and ended up hitting him.

Little is known of the cyclist's eventual fate, or even when and where the accident took place, but footage from a vehicle's rear windscreen camera was posted on the Facebook page of Singapore Road Accident on Tuesday (March 7).

It stirred many social media users who criticised the cyclist for being reckless.

Photo: Facebook/Singapore Road Accident

One Facebook user Jack Chen helped to put things in perspective by saying that road rules apply to all road users, even cyclists.

He posted: "They can't differentiate between cycling and unsafe road behaviour."

"If I am riding a motorcycle and just swerve(d) into lanes without checking, I will also collide with the vehicle. So it's not about the mode of transport."