Do you think it is acceptable for a child to be caned in public?

Some parents are of the view that caning is an effective means of punishment for children. While that opinion is an acceptable one, questions have to be asked about whether it is appropriate for caning to be done in public.

Stomp contributor Sharan sent Stomp a video showing a man and a woman believed to be parents caning their daughter at the foot of Block 410 in Jurong West on May 16 at around 6.30pm.

In the video, the woman who was holding a cane, can be seen standing with her daughter over a school bag and some books that had been thrown on the ground.

Her daughter was crying and pleading with her. She can be heard saying 'I don't want' in Mandarin multiple times.

At one point, the woman can be seen tearing up a piece of paper.

Later in the video, the man who was holding on to another cane emerged. He hit the girl on her leg with the cane four times.

Thereafter, the girl was instructed to pick up her bag and books that were on the ground as the adults stood nearby.

Towards the end of the video, she still can be heard wailing as she was told to go into a car.

It is unclear what happened thereafter.

Said the Stomp contributor with regard to what she saw: "The child looked to be like she was a Primary two or three student."

"I think this is quite distressing for her. I hope she does not continue to get caned at home."