Doctor's death in Bali dive likely caused by decompression sickness

Dr Wong Yu Yi, 48, who died after diving in Bali on Wednesday (Sept 6), had suffered from decompression sickness according to an autopsy report.

It was likely the cause of her death, said her husband, Dr Peng Yeong Pin, 48.

Decompression sickness, which can be fatal, is a condition that arises when pressure differences lead to the formation of gas bubbles in a person's blood.

Dr Peng told The Sunday Times at his wife's wake on Saturday (Sept 9) that he had flown to Indonesia with his father on the day of the incident upon receiving a call from his wife's friend, only returning to Singapore on Friday (Sept 8).

His wife had gone to Bali with her friends, Ms Yap Shu Mei, 49, and Ms Rini Astuti Wulandari, 27, reports the local media.

She subsequently went diving with a group at Blue Lagoon, located in the eastern port town of Padangbai.

The group was diving at a depth of about 20m at 9.10am when Dr Wong suddenly signalled for help.

She was led to the water's surface by the dive leader but was unconscious by then.

Dr Wong was rushed to a hospital and declared dead on arrival.

Said Dr Peng: "They tried cardiopulmonary resuscitation for quite a long time, but could not bring her back."

Dr Peng said his wife was an experienced diver and had completed about a hundred dives.

Among her notable dives locations were Raja Ampat in Indonesia and the Red Sea in Egypt.

She told him that she was hoping to see the sunfish in her Bali dive this time round.

He added: "It was her passion."

Dr Wong is survived by three children, aged 11 to 19, and her husband.