Doctors found fresh tear in 3-year-old's anus, court told

GEORGE TOWN - Doctors who examined a three-year-old girl who was allegedly sodomised by a 24-year-old man last year found a fresh tear in her anus, a Sessions Court here heard yesterday.

According to Dr Suaran Singh from the Penang Hospital's surgical department, purple-blue circumferential perineal bruises were also found around the girl's anus during an examination on Aug 4 last year.

Dr Suaran was testifying in a case involving storekeeper S. Mahendran, who is charged with raping and forcing unnatural sex on the girl between 12.50pm and 1.20pm at the girl's house in Bayan Lepas on Aug 4 last year.

Unnatural sex, an offence under Section 377C of the Penal Code, carries up to 20 years' jail and whipping.

Dr Suaran said he had written a report based on clinical records prepared by the doctors who had examined the girl, and added that doctors found that the girl's anal muscles were weak when they should have been taut.

"The girl was also referred to the gynaecologist to check if there was penetration in the vagina. Based on the report, there were no injuries there and the hymen was found intact."

When asked by deputy public prosecutor S. Selvaranjini on the possible causes of the circumferential perineal bruising, Dr Suaran said it could be caused by penetration of an object, including a penis.

When the court adjourned, Mahendran waited inside the courtroom for his father to give him a helmet with a tinted visor.

Mahendran wore the helmet, walked out of the courtroom, and flashed the peace sign to pressmen who took his pictures.

This is in marked contrast to Mahendran's May 30 appearance in court, where he reacted angrily towards press photographers, by shouting at them and throwing his helmet on the floor.

The hearing before Sessions judge Zulhazmi Abdullah continues today.