Does this yacht float your boat? Check it out at the Singapore Yacht Show

Have an extra $5.5 million lying around the house? That's exactly how much you will need if you decide to get a Princess 75 motor yacht. This super yacht made its debut at the Singapore Yacht Show 2016 that is now on until Sunday, Apr 10.

The hefty price is not really surprising since Princess Yachts have become synonymous with the finest in luxury motor yacht design, and is part of the Mo√ęt Hennessy Louis Vuitton family.

The yacht is specially designed to be enjoyed with friends and family. Advanced technology has allowed Princess Yachts to produce a lighter hull than its competitors. This means less fuel burned and more cost-efficiency because she's lighter as well as improved manoeuverability and speed.

The yacht is also fully customisable which makes it a good option for fussy buyers.

Sean Stratton, general manager in the Asia/Pacific region for Princess Yachts said, "I feel that all boats have a personality and the Princess 75 is definitely a very 'homely' boat".

He told AsiaOne that the boat is specifically designed for the Asian market since Asians are thought to be generally closer to their families and believe in "family time".

This year is a special one for Princess Yachts as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. To commemorate their birthday, they restored the first model produced by them - Project 31.

The company welcomed back some of the original craftsmen who worked on the first model to work with their apprentices at their shipyards.

Princess 75 Motor Yacht

WATCH: The luxurious main deck of the Princess 75 Motor Yacht. RazorTV checks out the view inside the brilliantly designed yacht. #SingaporeYachtShow2016 #SentosaCove #luxuryyacht

Posted by RazorTV on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Not only did they restore the yacht back to its former glory, but also made some major improvements such as replacing the old engine with a newer one, and replacing older parts with stronger and lighter materials.

Project 31 debuted at the Cannes Yachting Festival last September and is currently on a world tour, and in Singapore. Visitors to the Singapore Yacht Show can check it out among the dry dock displays.

Princess 75 Motor Yacht

WATCH: Have your morning coffee on the flybridge of the Princess 75 Motor Yacht. RazorTV checks out this cruising machine at the SIngapore Yacht Show 2016 at Sentosa Cove.

Posted by RazorTV on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

However, if you don't have millions set aside for a luxury yacht, you can also get one for $800,000, and still enjoy royalty treatment.

Cranchi is a family business based in Italy which prides itself on the cost efficiency of its products as well as its affordability.

Hong Seh Motors Pte Ltd has a long standing partnership with Cranchi and work together to provide quality service at an affordable price for yacht owners in Singapore.

April 7, also the opening day of the Singapore Yacht Show, marks the launch of the new 43 Eco Trawler which is approximately 43 feet, or 13 metres, in length. The size of the trawler enables easy navigation around a marina - in this case, One Degree 15 Marina at Sentosa, where the Singapore Yacht show is being held.

Cranchi expects it to be a hit among visitors at the Singapore Yacht Show because of its compact size and affordability. The 43 Eco Trawler has also won the European Powerboat of the Year 2015 award, in the category up to 45 feet.

"The launch of the new 43 Eco Trawler enables Singaporeans to enjoy luxury boating at a reasonable price as well as less issues involving maintenance with the support of Hong Seh," said Stefano Luraschi, sales and marketing manager for Cranchi.

While Cranchi supply the yacht, Hong Seh Motors provides the service. This means providing insurance, licensing, registration of the yacht, as well as pretty much whatever the customer needs. Hong Seh Motors follows a "pay as you use" policy.

"I started this system because I bought a boat myself and I didn't have anyone to show me how to make full use of it, which made me really annoyed," said Edward Tan, executive director of Hong Seh Motors.

"There is really no point in owning a yacht if owners have no idea how to use it; we are there to show them how by helping them out should they encounter any problem with their yacht," added Mr Tan.

The Singapore Yacht Show is being held at One Degree 15 Marina at Sentosa until Sunday, Apr 10. Find out more about the show here, what else is on display here, and where the after-parties are at here.