'Dominant Party Scenario' more likely

I share Mr Ho Kwon Ping's observations on the future of Singapore ("The next 50 years in Singapore politics"; Tuesday).

Of the three possible causes for loss of power by the ruling party, a freak election result and a split in the party are unlikely to happen ("Split-party scenario may not be all doom and gloom" by Mr Lin Howard; yesterday).

The People's Action Party seems to have taken the loss of a Group Representation Constituency (GRC) in the last election seriously, and introduced a slew of measures to address unhappiness among citizens. Significant new policies include MediShield Life and the Pioneer Generation Package.

Voters are a practical and sensible lot, and would not risk voting in an untested government even if they are not happy with certain policies. Most people want a stable government to improve their lives, so a freak election result is not likely to happen, while a party split is not imminent.

It took a credible opposition party so long to win a GRC. But if the ruling party does not improve its performance, opposition parties may take less time to win more GRCs.

I agree with Mr Ho's observation that if future political leaders become blase about corruption, then the calculus of governance would change forever.

I see his "Dominant Party Scenario" slowly taking shape over the next 30 years if our brand of democracy still works well, if new immigrants assimilate well into our society, and if the ruling party can regain the vitality and vigour of its founding members.

Singaporeans prefer a tried-and-tested government with a good track record working with constructive opposition parliamentarians in the House.

Paul Chan Poh Hoi

This article was first published on Oct 24, 2014.
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