Donation drive an eye-opener

SINGAPORE- Saturday was the first time five of this year's The New Paper New Face girls did door-to-door volunteering work.

And it made such an impact that they want to do it again.

Tan Ying Yi, 17; Clarissa Teo, 20; Noelle Woon, 16; Ong Qian Ni, 19; and Jade Rasif, 19; spent their Saturday morning at Blk 852, Woodlands Street 83, for a food distribution drive.

It was organised by DUO Rewards (Tan Chong International), Nissan and Subaru.

The girls, along with volunteers from North West Community Development Council, Woodlands Grassroots Organisations and the organisers, helped distribute bags of food and basic necessities to the 180 rental units in the block.

Noelle, this year's New Face winner, said she was nervous the previous night.


She said: "I didn't know what I was supposed to say when I handed them the goods. But when I did it, it felt natural. I realised I just had to be myself."

The African-Chinese CHIJ St Theresa's Convent student said she was happy to get a chance to help out for a charity event.

The donation drive, which took place from 10am to noon, puts things into perspective for Jade.

The National University of Singapore's psychology undergraduate said: "I was really impressed with the volunteers. Some of them are business executives who still make time to help.

"I've learnt about how to prioritise my time over the weekend."

For Ying Yi, it was the children in the block who impressed her.

The Jurong Secondary School student said she had woken up early for the event, but all her efforts in the morning sun were worthwhile.

She said: "I really enjoyed putting a smile on their faces, especially the kids. Their smiles were infectious and they were very happy to see us."

Ying Yi's cheerful spirit and positive attitude caught the attention of Ms Chew Li Min, marketing executive for DUO Rewards.

Ms Chew said: "She was all smiles to the residents and she even interacted with the kids she came across."

With the girls' help, the organisers distributed $6,888 worth of necessities.

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