Don't judge kids by their PSLE scores: Heng Swee Keat

Don't judge kids by their PSLE scores: Heng Swee Keat

It's not about the exam results, but the journey of learning, said Education Minister Heng Swee Keat in a Facebook post on Thursday afternoon, ahead of the release of the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results on Friday.

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Here's the Facebook post in full:

The PSLE results come out tomorrow. I understand it feels like a big day for many parents. Do remember though that it has been a 6-year learning journey, and there are many more days ahead.

Our students have worked hard and most have done well throughout the year. When the results are out, please do remember not to judge your own child, or others' children, by a number.

Give them a hug for the good work they've put in all year (and to yourselves too, parents, because I know you've walked this journey with the children), and continue to motivate them to learn and to develop their confidence. I'm sure our teachers, who also want our children to do well, will appreciate your thanks too.

I believe strongly that the PSLE mark the end of just one stage of a long and hopefully rich education journey, and just one stage of an even longer and fuller lifetime of learning.

It is not healthy for the children if we put undue pressure on them over one exam. There are many areas where our children can shine, and we should encourage and help them reach their best in these areas.

As parents, neighbours, teachers, friends, let us take care of the spirits of our children - let us raise our children together to be curious, confident, caring young people, filled with a love for learning and for this world, so that they may succeed in the next phase of education and in life.

The exciting part comes next - in spending good bonding time with your children over the school holidays! I hope our children get up to all kinds of fun activities to broaden their interests and stimulate their curiosity. And that parents and children alike enjoy the holidays fully.

Thinking of the little ones today, and wishing everyone a good day tomorrow.

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