Driver 'beats red light', cuts across multiple lanes - in front of 2 traffic cops

PHOTO: Video screengrab

SINGAPORE - A driver was caught on video appearing to beat a red light and cutting across multiple lanes - all in front of two traffic policemen on patrol motorcycles.

The driver, who had stopped at a traffic junction with other vehicles waiting to turn right, suddenly signaled that he intended to switch to the left lane.

He then moved ahead by filtering to his left. The lights for his right-turn lane was red at that time but the lights for driving straight in other lanes were green.

The incident was captured in a video posted on the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook page on Friday (March 17).

It is believed to have taken place in the Lavender area on Wednesday (March 15) at about 9pm, according to the timestamp on the video.

In the video, the two dumbfounded traffic policemen are seen exchanging glances before switching on their strobe lights and giving chase.

When contacted, the traffic police said that they are still looking into the matter.

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