Driver jailed in vice ring case

SINGAPORE - A fifth man has been jailed as part of the second online vice ring case - which involved a 16-year-old student coerced into prostitution.

Driver Babu Suppiah received a 12-week sentence on Monday.

The 33-year-old was one of 10 men charged in June with having commercial sex with the schoolgirl. The teenager was recruited by a pimp who tricked her into believing she was going to be a social escort enjoying "fast cash" and "high pay".

Instead, the minor was beaten and fed the illegal drug methamphetamine when she did not want to serve clients.

Babu pleaded guilty to paying her $400 at Oxley 88 Hotel in Geylang on Feb 19.

The driver - who has theft, traffic and drug-related convictions - did not ask her age or to see her identity card.