Driver tells cyclist to ride safely on left lane but gets told off instead

Stomp contributor Edwin was driving near Parkway Parade on Thursday morning (Jan 28) at around 9.30am when he saw a cyclist riding on the right-most lane of a road.

The reader thought that what the cyclist was doing was wrong as cyclists should keep to the left hand edge of roadways when they cycle on roads.

After making sure that traffic was clear, Edwin drove towards the cyclist and informed him to "keep to the left as it was safer."

Not only did the cyclist not heed Edwin's advice, he retaliated by asking: "Do you speak English?"

The Stomp reader honked at the cyclist and continued to chide him for his actions but the latter appeared to be nonchalant.

"As a cyclist myself, I don't want cyclists who don't obey traffic rules to give us a bad name," Edwin said.

Watch what happened in the video below:

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