Drug dealers operate from hotel rooms in KL

Drug dealers in Kuala Lumpur (KL) are known to operate out of rooms in five-star hotels.

Former drug abuser, Singaporean Leo (not his real name), 41, who used to live in KL for five years, said he used to go to such rooms to buy illegal drugs such as Ice and Ecstasy before going out for a night of partying.

The slim salesman, who left Malaysia in 2011, said of the dealers: "They have lots of money and have many customers."

The drugs did not come cheap.

For instance, a tiny amount of methamphetamine, about 0.1g, would cost RM50 (S$20).


Leo said that drugs in KL, just like many other cities worldwide, are just a phone call away.

"You just need to know people who know drug dealers. You make a phone call, and that's it."

He recalled that besides selling drugs from hotel rooms, some dealers even made home deliveries. But most of the time, they would meet in public places to conduct their transactions.

He also said that he had encountered dealers selling narcotics at nightspots and dance parties like the Future Music Festival Asia in Bukit Jalil Stadium last week. These dealers would scan the crowd, looking for potential customers before approaching them.

Leo's wake-up call came only when he was arrested a few years ago for drug consumption in Singapore and was sentenced to a year's jail.

"I had enough time to reflect on my actions when I was in jail and decided that enough was enough," he said.

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