Duo jailed and fined for stealing from mosque

A file photo shows a mosque donation box.

SHAH ALAM - Two youths were jailed two months and fined RM1,000 (S$356) each, in default a month's imprisonment, by a magistrate's court for stealing money from a mosque.

Mohd Firdaus Ahmad and Sulaiman Ahmad Subi, both 23, stole RM242 from a money box at the As-solihin mosque in Kampung Padang Jawa at about 3.30am on Tuesday.

According to the facts, Mohd Firdaus was outside the mosque after stealing the money when police spotted him.

When he was asked to identify himself, he tried to run away but was caught by the policemen.

The cops found the stolen cash in a bag he was carrying, along with some green-coloured wires and a test pen.

Mohd Firdaus admitted stealing the cash from the mosque with Sulaiman, who surrendered himself at a police station the following day.

The youths told Magistrate Norshakinah Ahmad Kamarudin that they stole because they needed to pay off debts.

Both were workers in a factory and prayed at the mosque.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Noor Husnita Mohd Madzi had asked the court for a deterrent sentence because the crime was committed in a religious place.