Off-duty SAF medics rush to the aid of injured old woman after booking out of camp

A group of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) medics have become internet sensations thanks to a photo of them helping an elderly injured woman after booking out of camp on Friday (Feb 5).

The photo which was posted on The Reservist Facebook page, has drawn many positive comments, likes and shares.

The image shows an elderly woman, who has a bandage wrapped around her head, being held up by the medics.

According to the post, the SAF medics saw the injured old woman after booking out of camp, and used their skills to help her.

A reader shared with us this photograph taken 2 days ago on Friday. After booking out from camp, a group of SAF medics...

Posted by The Reservist on Saturday, February 6, 2016

Netizens have also praised the group for responding to the situation despite being off duty. This includes Facebook user, Evan Chong who commented that the medics "should be commended by their officers". 

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