Eating is most important activity for S'poreans on holiday

SINGAPORE - Singaporeans love food and will travel for food. Not just locally but on holidays too, a travel behaviour survey by Changi Airport Group revealed.

According to the survey of more than 2,000 participants aged between 25 and 44, food was the top consideration when it comes to selecting an ideal travel venue, getting 61 per cent of votes.

Food during travel is so important that 93 per cent of those surveyed listed trying the local food as about the top must-do activity when on holiday.

This is followed by covering all the tourist attractions (68 per cent) and buying souvenirs for their colleagues and friends (55 per cent) back home.

Only 1 per cent said that they miss home food and will look for Singaporean cuisine.

Singaporeans' love for food extends to even in-flight meals, which is the highlight for 65 per cent of respondents. Watching movies took the top spot with 73 per cent of votes. Sleep (57 per cent) rounded off the top three activities that Singaporeans look forward to most on flights.

Singaporeans are not just foodies, but they are techies too, with over 50 per cent admiting that they need some type of gadget while traveling.

The survey also highlighted the fact that Singaporeans are indeed budget and price conscious travellers, aligned with the popularity of budget travel here. Other key considerations were departure and arrival times as well as personal airline preferences.

Topping the list of travel concerns is jet lag (46 per cent), inability to fall asleep in the hotel (38 per cent) or being easily-tired (35 per cent). Strangely enough, constipation (31 per cent) was a serious concern too.