Elderly woman's foot cut into 2 in bus accident

A 72-year-old woman's foot got severed into two when it was run over by a bus at 7am Saturday morning.

The incident occurred at the juncture of Victoria Street and Jalan Sultan Road.

Shin Min Daily reported that the woman was walking on the pedestrian crossing when the bus knocked her down.

The bus wheel rolled over her left foot, and it is believed to have broken her foot into two pieces.

Construction site foreman Mr Wang, 34, said that old woman was in great pain and shouted loudly for help. A passer-by came to her aid and helped her up, comforting her before the ambulance arrived.

He said many of his construction workers came and surrounded the elderly woman, but he had to ask them to return to work as they were also holding up traffic.

After the incident, three traffic police stayed back at the scene to direct traffic.

The driver of the bus was in great shock, the Chinese evening daily reported. Accompanied by two friends, he left the scene to assist with investigations. He insisted that he did not see the elderly woman.

Singapore Civil Defence Force said they received the call for assistance at 7.15am. An ambulance was dispatched and the woman was taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital.