Evicted Katong Plaza cobbler gets help from MP

PHOTO: Tin Pei Ling's Facebook page

SINGAPORE - A cobbler who has been told to vacate his workspace at Katong Plaza by tomorrow has sought help from his MP, MacPherson SMC's Tin Pei Ling, to help him look for a new location so he can carry on his livelihood.

Mr Ng Ah Bah, 71, was given a month's notice on Oct 26 to leave the complex after a drunk man who was sleeping at his stall got into an altercation with the building control officer.

Worried that he would not be able to pay his wife's medical bills if he can't continue working, a tearful Mr Ng approached Ms Tin for help during a Meet-the-People session on Monday night.

Mr Ng's 67-year-old wife has been immobile after suffering from a stroke in 2013, and has been living in a nursing home.

Touched by the couple's plight, Ms Tin said that she has written to the relevant authorities to help Mr Ng find a new work space.

She also took to Facebook to share Mr Ng's story, saying he has a strong sense of self-reliance and that his most earnest hope is to be able to continue his trade as a cobbler.

"As such, I hope that the Katong Plaza management and Mr Tan will reconcile," she wrote.