Ex-convict still has no remorse for actions

He did not apologise then, and he still would not do so now.

In 2011, Mr Kuu Siau Lam, then 65, poured thinner on his co-worker and set him on fire with a lighter.

He then left the carpentry workshop but returned shortly after to get his bicycle, even as his victim, Malaysian Kee Yau Chong, then 23, was in flames.

In court, Deputy Public Prosecutor Davyd Chong said Mr Kuu's lack of remorse was an aggravating factor.

Mr Kuu told The New Paper: "What's the point of regretting my actions or apologising to him now? It won't make any difference.

"For someone who is burned until like that already, do you think he would forgive me? It would be much better for the both of us if I kept my distance."

Mr Kuu was jailed four years for voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means.


The incident took place at a carpentry workshop at Senang Crescent, in Bedok, on June 11. The company, SH Interdeco, manufactures wood products such as cabinets.

The two men had been working at their workstations when Mr Kee accidentally bumped into Mr Kuu.

Mr Kee walked away without apologising, angering Mr Kuu, who started scolding and hurling vulgarities at him.

Mr Kee got worked up and the two men got into a heated argument.

Mr Kuu then went to the pantry behind the workshop and filled a metal mug with thinner. He approached Mr Kee and continued arguing with him.

Mr Kuu then splashed the thinner onto Mr Kee and used a lighter to set him on fire. He left the premises without even putting on his shirt.

Less than a minute later, Mr Kuu returned to get his bicycle and then left again, while Mr Kee was desperately trying to beat the fire out with his bare hands. Other colleagues also rushed to help.

He suffered burns to more than 28 per cent of his body, including his face, body and arms.Mr Kee was hospitalised for 46 days and underwent multiple operations.

Mr Kuu was later arrested at a coffee shop in Toa Payoh Lorong 1 after an islandwide search.

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