Ex-tour guide remanded while High Court makes decision on bail order

SINGAPORE - The former China tour guide in the legal tussle for the $40 million assets of a wealthy widow here has been remanded while the High Court deliberates over whether to reverse an earlier decision by a district judge to grant bail to him.

On Thursday, district judge Eddy Tham set bail for Yang at $150,000. The Attorney-General's Chambers filed an application to the High Court on Friday to reverse the decision to grant bail to Yang, The Straits Times reported.

Yang faces 331 charges for falsification of receipts worth about $450,000 made to his company, Young Dance and Music Studio, the newspaper said.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Tan Ken Hwee had earlier asked the court to put bail at $800,000, with four sureties.

Mr Tan argued in court today that the district judge was "palpably wrong" and had disregarded the high flight risk presented by Yang, a China national without roots in Singapore, Today Online reported.

It was reported last week that Yang had transferred over $500,000 to his father's bank account in China.