Exchange furniture for cash with IKEA's new furniture take-back programme

W.T.M. Why This Matters
How does one dispose of used furniture properly in Singapore? Besides calling the town council - or dumping it at a nearby bin - IKEA has another idea.

SINGAPORE - Some people are sentimental when it comes to their household objects and furniture and will continue using them until said furniture is broken beyond repair or becomes too worn out to be used. 

That being said, not everyone falls under the sentimental category, and enjoy equipping their home with new furniture from time to time. Normally, the unwanted furniture is simply left next to a nearby rubbish bin for the town council or rubbish disposal to take care of, and that will be the end of the matter.

However, people now have the opportunity to collect cash while disposing of their old furniture. In conjunction with IKEA Singapore's Sustainable Living Project, IKEA will be launching its "Furniture Take-back initiative" as a pilot trial. 

Here's how it works: IKEA Tampines will take in both IKEA and non-IKEA furniture from July 13 to August 6 in exchange for IKEA cash vouchers of between $3 and $60 in value. For example, a dining chair can be exchanged for $25 cash vouchers, while a queen or double-sized bedframe can be exchanged for $40 cash vouchers. More information on items and prices can be found here.

Furthermore, those hoping to transport large and bulky items may enjoy 10 per cent off delivery charges when booking with Lalamove by using the promo code "LLMIKEA".

Furniture with upholstery and mattresses will unfortunately not be accepted by IKEA for reasons due to hygiene.

For more information regarding IKEA's Sustainable Living Project, click here.