Exchange postcard for SG Funpack

Remember these? Each tote bag will contain memorabilia straight out of a Singapore childhood of yesteryear, including games such as country erasers and capteh, and snacks such as muruku and haw flakes.

Those who want to collect their National Day goodie bag will have to wait for a postcard the People's Association is now sending out to local households.

Residents can exchange the postcard for their SG Funpack at events held by grassroots organisations, which will give more details on the collection from next week.

Every Singaporean and permanent resident household - about 1.2 million in all - will receive the goodie bag.

Grassroots leaders may make special delivery arrangements of the SG Funpack to seniors and those who have movement difficulties.

The SG Funpack comes in 50 different designs and the tote bag will contain memorabilia from Singapore's yesteryear. They include items used for games like erasers with countries' flags on them and capteh (weighted shuttlecock), and snacks such as muruku and haw flakes.

There will also be keepsakes like a figurine of Singa, the iconic mascot of the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Each funpack costs about $8 to produce and assemble. National Day Parade-goers will receive a different funpack on the day.

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