Experts shocked that drug addict was hired as school security guard


BALIK PULAU - A criminologist has expressed shock that a drug addict, arrested in connection with the brutal murder of a 17-year-old girl, was hired as a school security guard in Bayan Lepas here.

Assoc Prof Dr P. Sundramoorthy, who is Universiti Sains Malaysia's security director, said stringent background checks should have been carried out before a guard is hired, or else undesirable characters would end up in jobs and become a bigger threat to the people whom they are supposed to protect.

"Security guards should also be put through psychological tests to ensure they are physically and mentally fit.

"Lastly, it is vital to screen them for any substance or alcohol abuse. We must make sure only the right people get the job.

"Not everyone can put on a uniform and become a guard.

"They must be trained properly," he said.

Dr Sundramoorthy was commenting on the arrest of a 20-year-old school security guard for allegedly raping and murdering Intan Suraya Mawardi at her flat in Bandar Baru Teluk Kumbar.

The suspect is an addict and was arrested two months ago for a drug offence.

He was said to have slit the girl's throat and left her semi-nude body on her bed on Sunday.

Sources had said that the man even went back to the crime scene at around 8pm and cried so hard that he had to be consoled by onlookers and residents.

Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation Penang chairman Datuk Syed Jaafar Syed Ali said nobody should have been emp­loyed as a security guard without being vetted by the relevant authorities.

"But this is not easy in the security industry because people are needed immediately.

"The Government has to come up with a system to help the industry.

"A well-oiled mechanism should be in place to speed up the application of security companies in getting approval for security guards from government agencies," he said.