F1 drivers try durian for the first time in S'pore - and were totally unprepared for it

F1 drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen are in town this weekend to compete in the Singapore Grand Prix.

Before their big test on the race track on Sunday, they were put in a different type of challenge.

The folks at Red Bull decided to set the both of them up in a durian contest of sorts.

For the inexperienced, virgin experiences with the king of fruit can prove to be more than just a baptism of fire.

That is a lesson both drivers probably took home that day.

"It tastes so bad, man". 😅

Posted by Red Bull on Friday, September 15, 2017

In the challenge, the duo was first asked to try their hand at opening a durian.

They tried a host of methods that included throwing, a hammer, a saw, a chair and even a 'squeaky chicken'.

After numerous attempts, they succeeded in their task.

Then came round two.

This time, Daniel and Max were asked to taste the succulent, fragrant yellow durian fruit.

We will let the video below show you how that went...

See them trying to deal with durians and don't forget to catch them in action on the Marina Bay Street Circuit this weekend.