Falling glass ceiling narrowly misses hitting woman at Somerset mall

SINGAPORE - If she had walked a few steps slower, the shattering glass would have come crashing down on Stomp contributor Agnes.

The Stomp contributor shared that she was walking past the foyer at ground floor of the building at 111 Somerset Road at 8am this morning, Jul 23.

She heard a loud bang right behind her - the two-storey high glass ceiling shattered just mere seconds after she walked under it.

She said:

"A huge amount of heavy glass fell from the double-storey high roof and missed me by just a few seconds."

"I felt very lucky to escape death or severe injury, and no one else was hit.

"This is a very busy area with high traffic.

"Fortunately at that time in the morning, not many people were walking by. The staff at the coffee shop near it were all shocked.

"I hope the building management will do something to prevent such occurrences."

The building management staff then promptly arrived to sweep the glass shards away.

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