Famous film director sentenced to jail for sex crime against coworker

Well-known director Chang Tso-chi was sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison for a sexual offence against his screenwriter coworker in May last year.

The judgment was issued by the Taipei District Court, but the verdict can still be appealed. The victim, surnamed Lin, said she was relieved by the court's judgment, but she had hoped for a heavier penalty.

According to Lin, she and Chang and a few friends met up for a gathering in May last year. They later went to Chang's home to continue talking. The guests went home one by one except for Lin, who was drunk and stayed at Chang's place.

Lin said that Chang took advantage of her while she was under the influence of alcohol. Her lips and nipple were bitten and injured, and she was forced to perform oral sex and intercourse.

The court has since obtained evidence against Chang. Semen collected from the victim's body matches Chang's DNA. Investigators listened to the screenwriter's claims and prosecuted Chang in August last year.

Chang, a National Culture and Arts Foundation award winner, said he was under the influence of alcohol and could not remember exactly what happened on the day and claimed that his back injury prevented him from engaging in sexual intercourse. He admitted the offence only after the release of the DNA report.

Through a written statement, Chang expressed his regret about the verdict and argued that the court failed to accept evidence submitted by him and was therefore unable to grasp the whole truth. Chang said he could not accept the court's decision and will consult with his lawyers about his next course of action.

Chang said the incident has caused great harm to him, his friends and family, but he expressed appreciation to those who have been supportive.

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