FAQs on sexuality: Info must remain intact

Action for Aids notes with deep concern the negative and unsavoury reactions in certain circles over the provision of accurate and factual information on human sexuality on the Health Promotion Board's (HPB) Frequently Asked Questions on sexuality webpage ("FAQs on sexuality prompt two opposing petitions"; last Thursday).

Providing evidence-based 20th century information that can help young persons answer questions and come to terms with their own sexuality and that of their friends and family is the correct and responsible thing to do.

The HPB should be congratulated for this, and not vilified.

The FAQs on sexuality must remain intact without pandering to the demands of certain groups.

The HPB should also restore links to websites - for example, the Action for Aids' site - where the reader can access more detailed information.

There is no reason for removing valuable information that is helpful and may be life-changing.

We congratulate the HPB for its courage in discussing sexuality topics based on fact and not on fear. The set of FAQs should be essential reading for Singaporeans of any age.

Roy Chan (Professor)


Action for Aids, Singapore

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