Female workers at Orchard Towers harass men to go inside beauty parlours

PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

In order to lure male customers, some women working at beauty parlours in Orchard Towers have taken to pulling them inside their shops for business.

According to Shin Min Daily News, these women would approach men passing by and physically lure them into the parlours.

One woman, known only as Ms Tan, told the Chinese newspaper that her male friends were approached by the women after they were seen alone.

Ms Tan was with her boyfriend and five other friends at Orchard Towers for dinner last week. She said that the girls separated from the guys as they went to the restroom while the guys went ahead to get seats at the restaurant.

The 29-year-old said: "When the guys passed by a beauty parlour, one of the women held on to my friends' hands and asked if they wanted a massage.

"My boyfriend and two male friends let go of her hand and the woman stopped pestering them after they saw my girl friends and I approaching," she added.

Ms Tan described the woman as scantily clad in a low-cut top and short skirt and was wearing heavy make-up. She told Shin Min Daily News that the woman looked to be in her 20s.

After observing the women for a while, Ms Tan and her friends noticed that it wasn't just one parlour which had women pestering potential male clients but other parlours also had women doing the same.

She said: "The women would go up to men who were passing by and pull their hands or hold them by their waists before bringing them into the shops."

And it's not just Ms Tan who is bothered by this scene. Men working in Orchard Towers also feel uncomfortable when they get harassed by the women.

One reader of Shin Min Daily News said that some of the men have lodged police reports against these scantily clad women, who may even wear bikinis sometimes to attract men.

He said that the women are quick to react upon knowing that the police are coming to conduct checks and would quickly go inside the shops to hide and turn off the lights.