Fight outside Yishun restaurant leaves 4 injured

She had been folding napkins at the coffee shop when she happened to glance across the road. What she saw shocked her.

A group of about five men were gesturing violently and shoving one other outside the restaurant on the first storey of the HDB block across the street.

The 30-year old waitress, who wanted to be known only as Ms Weng, said the fight escalated when one of the men picked up a plastic chair to hit another.

The brawl took place on Sunday night outside Yun Wei Restaurant at Block 261, Yishun Street 22.

Said Ms Weng in Mandarin: "They looked like they were shouting, but I couldn't hear them because I was too far away and couldn't go over to see what was going on because I was working."

Shin Min Daily News reported that the brawl broke out between four customers and three restaurant staff, one of whom is the owner of the eatery. One restaurant worker who declined to be named said the customers had refused to pay their bill of $120.

A witness, who gave his name as Mr Tan, told Shin Min Daily News that he was alarmed when he saw the men use bottles and chairs to hit one other.


The part-time customer service officer said: "One group tried to run, but the other gave chase for about 50m to the next block, where they continued fighting."

The fight left trails of blood all over the corridors of both blocks.

Madam Janagee Sunsukunni, 61, was resting at home when she heard shouts from below her block.

Curious, the kitchen assistant peered out of her living room window and saw the fight taking place at the Chinese restaurant directly below her unit.

She said: "They were shouting in Mandarin so I didn't understand what they were fighting about, but they were pushing each other around.

"I didn't go down because I was afraid of getting hurt, so I watched from my window."

When The New Paper visited the restaurant yesterday afternoon, staff members claimed that they did not know about the fight but saw blood stains on the floor yesterday morning.

They found out only after reading about the fight in the Chinese newspapers.

They also said they did not know about their boss' condition and they were not around during the incident.

Police said they received a call for assistance at 9.54pm on Sunday and established that a case of affray had occurred.

Seven people were arrested in relation to the case, four of whom were taken conscious to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH).

The Singapore Civil Defence Force sent three ambulances to the scene and said that KTPH was alerted to be on standby to receive one of the injured.

Police investigations are ongoing.

None of the suspects has been released on bail.

They will be charged in court at a later date.

This article was first published on January 5, 2016.
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