Fight at Woodlands mall: They were fighting over a girl

After being subdued by the police, the ex-boyfriend sat on the pedestrian walkway.

A police spokesman said a man has been arrested for criminal intimidation, and investigations are ongoing.

Lianhe Wanbao reported that the fight was sparked by rivalry between two 19-year-old males.

One was the ex-boyfriend of a girl who had left him for a computer accessory shop employee at the mall.

The former turned up regularly at the shop to harass the new boyfriend, frightening customers.

On Sunday at 6.30pm, the ex-boyfriend went to the smoking area at Causeway Point with a group of friends to pick on the new boyfriend again. This time, they were armed with wooden poles.

When the new boyfriend appeared at the smoking area, the group pounced on him.


The girl, who had rushed to the mall with her mother and friends when she heard there was going to be trouble again, tried to intervene.

But instead of calming him down, their presence aggravated the ex-boyfriend who started yelling at them, reported the Chinese evening daily.

The ex-boyfriend pushed the girl several times using both hands despite being scolded by her friends.

The fight then escalated with the new boyfriend getting involved.

The girl, 19, was sent to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital after she complained of giddiness, said a Singapore Civil Defence Force spokesman.

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